The Baby Broad is a one-stop-shop for your Postpartum needs...and maybe a place to rest your mind when you feel like you're 'not enough'.

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The Broad: fabulous since birth


A Brief History

In the late 1940s, my great-aunt Virginia took a trip to Europe and was asked by the local newspaper to write letters home telling of her journey.  She titled them "Letters From A Broad", because she was clearly my spirit animal.  The letters were published, but under a different title, because no one in Albany, NY had a sense of humor until at least 1950.  Those letters have been the inspiration to take this journey in helping anyone who is human transition into a new world - whether it's a new family, or not - but with a wink and a sense of humor. 

On this path, I came upon my own fork in the road, and have chosen to take the path less taken, and discuss my discoveries through anxiety, depression(ish), and the stigma of helping yourself.

I have a passion for using my own journey to help clear the weeds away off the path others will have to take.  Using research, years of experience, and a willingness to always learn and improve, my doula style is one that will adapt to the needs of you and your family.


Erica Leathem (The Broad) is a Certified Lactation Counselor, a Postpartum Doula (DONA), CPR/First Aid instructor, and a darn good cook when she tries.  She has a BA from the University of Colorado in Political Science, and a MEd in Adult Education, which she will never use, but is listing because it makes her sound smart.