The Role of a CLC (and/or being a human)

We have all seen the public campaigns on how to feed your baby.  Some call it "the mommy wars": Is breast really best?  Should I feel bad about feeding my baby formula?

As a Certified Lactation Counselor, I have taken a blood oath to promote breastfeeding.  Maybe it was a milk oath, it was really hazy in that dungeon with the other cult members.

I bet that's what you think...those that promote breastfeeding are in the Illuminati.  We're not.  Breast just really is best.  It should be the standard.  There are a billion reasons why, and I promise I will be very vocal about them.  We live in a culture where we believe that some woman just "can't" breastfeed, and you're probably one of them because it's what your aunt said that one time.  I'm here to help dispel that and other myths, and to help you discover that you can do this, and you are enough for your baby!

"Thanks a lot," you lament, "but I formula feed, you're just adding to the list of things for me to feel bad about!"

Hear me: feed your baby.  I'm a CLC and a PPD...translation: the best of both worlds.  If I can promote breastfeeding, I will, and have to or else my Masons membership card is taken away.  If that is not how you feed your baby, I can help understand bottle feeding techniques, sanitation/sterilization best practices, and help understand digestion troubles.

Let me help you feed your baby.

Contact me for rates, as each mom is different!