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Chinese Food - An Ode

Chinese Food - An Ode

As I prepare my mind and body to deconstruct thirty-four and three-quarter year's worth of damage done by not working out and eating gar-bahggjjeee, so I can be in my best friend's wedding in July and not make a fool of us all, I find myself torn between being a normal human being who eats healthily, and the monster I truly am, with two Chinese restaurant's numbers saved in my phone above my family and friends. 

Life is about balance. 

Tonight, I made a delicious salmon, and mourned the chicken lo mein I actually wanted.

The following poorly constructed sonnet is how I've chosen to express my grief.

I know your thoughts are with me.


Dumplings.  Sesame chicken.  An egg roll.

There is no wrong choice with this deep a love.

But how to satiate and not be a troll?

The will power I have comes from above.


Wedding season is coming upon me.

My love tears me away from rejoicing.

Cuddling with wantons is not to be.

Lest a tent dress, so I'm Sophie's Choicing.


To go to the gym, one must work so hard.

For at my bestie's wedding I will slay.

But Lee Lin has a frequent buyer card, 

and headed to work out, they're on the way.


My dedication should not be in doubt,

but from the reception, to-go en route?




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