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What You Deserve

What You Deserve

I hope you get what you deserve. 

I hope you get exactly what you deserve.  

I hope you find someone who sees you.

I hope you want to see them too.

I hope they listen.

I hope they hear the things you aren’t saying.

I hope they ask you questions.

I hope they always want to know more.

I hope their sarcasm always ends in a kiss and a reminder that you’re valued.

I hope you find someone who likes different flavor dipping sauces for their chicken tenders than you do so they don't use yours.

I hope they always point their humor stick at themselves when they poke.

I hope they always surprise you with little things that make you know they're taking notes.

I hope you learn how to surprise them too.

I hope when things get boring, you find joy in the mundane.

I hope they see something new about your eyes even after they’ve looked in them a million times.

I hope they see that you have a freckle in the left one.

I hope you eat cereal in bed while watching The Office for the 900th time after a long day.

I hope you never feel judged...unless you eat cream of wheat.

I hope you learn to put the phone away for an hour and look your person in the face.

I hope you get surprised by someone kissing the absolute shit out of you in the middle of a street.

I hope you always know you deserve to feel the things you want to feel.

I hope you have a best friend.

I hope your best friend will hold your hand and binge eat gas station food with you after something stressful happens.

I hope you find someone who will sit in a library to watch you do homework so they can spend time with you.

I hope your person is willing to hang out with your family even when you don't want to.

I hope the person you find flirts with you even after the exciting stuff dies away.

I hope they let you listen to Christmas music the day after Halloween.

I hope your person's breath gets caught in their throat every time you look at them when the sun is shining through your eyes.

I hope you find someone who will scratch that spot on your back you can't reach without being asked.

I hope you have someone you can call day or night just to be sad about unrequited love.

I hope you see that someone holding you while you cry is actually the minimum of what you should require.

I hope you understand that you're worth the time.

I hope you know that you're worth the risk.

I hope someone falls for you without holding back.

I hope someone courts you like you're too precious to waste on a bad date.

I hope they take you on an adventure to their favorite place on earth.

I hope you get spoiled by someone at least once.

I hope you feel butterflies when someone remembers how you like your coffee.

I hope you get kissed.  A lot.  Right on your annoyingly beautiful face.

I hope you find someone who loves animals.

I hope that animal isn't a cat.

I hope your family understands that they don't get the final word on your relationships.

I hope your ex lets you go.

I hope you know you don't deserve being screamed at in public.

I hope you aren't afraid to tell your friends that you texted someone you shouldn't have.

I hope the people you value support you in the way you need.

I hope you're proposed to simply, beautifully, and in a way you'll want to tell your grandkids.

I hope I know you long enough to know your grandkids.

I hope your grandkids are rich and take care of me when my chin hair has a comb over.

I hope you know, really know deep inside the cockles of your tiny black heart, that you are enough.

I hope you find someone who will let you put your cold feet under their butt on the couch.

I hope your person lets you take the first sip of their ice cold water.

I hope they give you the last good bite of ice cream cake.  The one with those cookie crumbles.

I hope they know how you like your midnight-on-Thanksgiving turkey sandwich.

I hope you never love someone who likes Miracle Whip.

I hope you find a person who eats the drumsticks because you like the flat wings.

I hope your hair does what you want it to do today.

I hope someone notices.

I hope you treat your friends as well as your lovers.

I hope you treat your lovers like they matter.

I hope you find someone who likes the same weird music as you.

I hope they will tolerate the terrible movies you like.

I hope you have the best DeFazio's pizza ever. 

I hope someone else pays for it.

I hope you find the peace you're looking for.

I hope it comes soon.

I hope you figure things out.

I hope you are loved the way you want to be loved.

I hope you find who you're looking for.

I hope you don't settle.

I hope you get who you deserve.

I hope it's me.

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