Here's the thing: we could all use a little extra support in life.  Right?  

What we know now is that talking things out actually can change the brain, but we don't always feel like putting on pants or having company.  That's where my brand of doula'ing comes in handy.

Virtual postpartum coaching is a great way to get the support you need, build the confidence you deserve to have, and iron out the wrinkles in your thoughts in a safe environment with someone who you don't have the responsibility of keeping alive (e.g. a baby), and without having to make yet another appointment that requires taking your newborn out of the house.

Thank goodness there are a variety of resources in our lives to get the help and support we need.  Somewhere in between traditional therapy, and living on the side of a mountain off The Grid in a yurt, there's me.  

There is empowerment in discovering for yourself that you have the capability to thrive in life, and I would love the opportunity to help you toward that discovery.

If you're interested in virtual postpartum coaching, sign up below! 


Free Consult - this is where we will meet for a few minutes to help me learn what your goals are for yourself and/or your family.


Session - 50 minute virtual sessions.