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What the heck is a postpartum doula?  

A postpartum doula is a non-medical support person who provides evidence-based support during a period of time after the birth of a baby.  Typically that period of time is somewhere around thirteen weeks, or what is known as the "fourth trimester", but the length of time is really up to the mom and the doula.

Even if you have a big ol' family that desperately wants to be involved (...especially if you have a big ol' family that desperately wants to be involved...), having a third party that is there just for you makes all the difference.  Birth is amazing, and hard, and life changing, and terrifying....and that's if things go the way you want them to!  Plan ahead and have the help you need on standby; or call when you're neck deep...The Broad is ready for you.

What the heck does *this* postpartum doula do?  It's a hard question to answer, because every mom is different.  Here's what I can say: I provide emotional and physical support for the mom and family to transition them into life with a new baby.  I provide evidence based information on feeding, infant care, and emotional/physical recovery for the parents.  Sometimes that means making a snack and having a good cry; sometimes it's as simple as giving the mom a few minutes to take a blissfully hot all depends!  

My services differ from that of a typical postpartum doula service in that I am able to offer virtual coaching for any portion of the postpartum experience, including lactation counseling.

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The Role of a Certified Lactation Counselor

We have all seen the public campaigns on how to feed your baby.  Some call it "the mommy wars": Is breast really best?  Should I feel bad about feeding my baby formula?

As a Certified Lactation Counselor, I have taken a blood oath to promote breastfeeding.  Maybe it was a milk oath, it was really hazy in that dungeon with the rest of the Illuminati.

Evidence shows us that breast just really is best, and I can help you meet the breastfeeding goals you have set for yourself.

And that's the key: the goals that *you* have set.  Not a chart, not your doctor, and not your family or friends.  

Hear me: feed your baby.  I'm a CLC and a PPD...translation: the best of both worlds.  If I can promote breastfeeding, I will, and if that is not how you feed your baby, I can help you understand bottle feeding techniques, sanitation/sterilization best practices, and help understand digestion troubles.

My job is to help you thrive based on what you and your budding family need.  I'm here to help dispel myths that keep you from  discovering that you can do this, and you are enough for your baby!

Let me help you feed your baby.

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